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HullSoft’s principle consultant Milt Hull.

Milt purchased his first computer in 1978.  It was a used Cramemco S-100 system that he purchased to run a Machinist’s Mill.  In the wintertime, it was cold so he sat inside and taught himself how to program on it.  In 1981, he purchased one of the first IBM PC’s in the Sacramento area.  Schools and colleges at that time were not teaching much about computers on the personal side of things so he learned on his own.  Soon, he was writing code in Assembler for the 8086 chipset.  Over the years, he has always been two to three years ahead of schools and colleges because they go with what is currently in the market place, rather than what is in development.

As he got involved with a local computer user group and became a leader, he taught classes and wrote articles for the local magazine.  In 1986 Microsoft’s Bill Gates asked Jerry Schneider to form a group of top-notch technical leaders in the United States and call it “The Mindshare Team.”  Leaders of the top fifteen user groups were taken to Seattle to meet with the Microsoft team and discuss the future of personal computing and where operating systems were headed.  He was part of that team and have met with Microsoft each year for over 15 years.  For those years, forty people from the Mindshare Team get together and meet with Bill Gates and his team to discuss the future of networks, operating systems, software development and many other topics that make an impact on the industry.

Because of the above involvement with Microsoft, he has been an official beta tester of all Microsoft operating systems since the Snowball Project, “Windows for Workgroups.”  He tested Windows NT before it was released, and continue to test subsequent versions, including 2012R2 and the latest version, .Net Servers.  Many other companies followed Microsoft’s lead and formed technology teams.  He participated on Borland’s team for six years and attended Novell’s Brain-Share event for two years in Provo, Utah. 

He served on an advisory committee defining computer-related curriculum for American River College, Cosumnes River College and The U.C. Davis University Extension.  Annually, they had meetings to discuss what courses are offered and where the Industry is going.  He had participated on this committee for over ten years.   This, in addition to his continued involvement in the community, through the Sacramento PC Users Group has always kept me ahead of the game when it comes to new technology and where the future of computing is headed.

Working with new Technology in his last job included as well as his own test lab, he has engineered, installed, configured, and maintained a 2012R2 Active-Directory domain with Group Policy Objects, with Exchange 2013 Enterprise implementing DNS, Direct Access, all in a VMWare 5.5 environment on a SAN with multiple volumes with Citrix behind an enterprise Firewall with an email security device for fight spam at the entry point.

His goal is to stay on top!  He reads all the trade magazines, participates in all the trade shows (23 years at Comdex), and is always studying to improve his skills.  “You have to keep on top of the technology or it will pass you by” Milt says.  There are seven years in the PC industry to each of our regular years, so it is an ongoing battle to stay abreast of it all.

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