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Managed Monitoring


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Businesses today increasingly rely on the Internet to communicate with customers, partners and telecommuters, while performing everyday tasks that keep business and information flowing. To monitor these critical resources, and to enhance security and manage bandwidth needs, administrators need a comprehensive view of network events and activities - such as network usage, attacks and threats, and employee Internet use.



HullSoft Enterprises Network Monitoring Service, monitors everything.  Starting with general offsite IP pinging to detailed Services functionality.  We can check IIS, Exchange, SQL, DNS, SMTP, Services, Drive Space on all drives, and just about everything you worry about while running your own server.


HullSoft runs specialized checks which mimic administrator operations to verify that services offered by various applications are running, for example, logon to a service, perform a task and logoff the service – without the need for any administrative intervention! The monitoring functions that make use of such methodologies include: IMAP, POP3, SMTP Server and the email route check. Through the active use of such services one can guarantee that all aspects of these services are running and functioning.


After an unexpected condition has occurred, HullSoft’s Network Monitoring Service can automatically correct the problem by restarting a service (or multiple services) upon failure; rebooting a server upon failure; or launching an executable, batch job or VBScript without you even knowing or even having to make a call for support.



HullSoft Enterprises provides unprecedented security awareness and control over your network environment through detailed and comprehensive reports of your network and firewall activities. HullSoft’s Reporting Services broadband reporting capabilities allow you to easily see network access and Internet usage.  Understand more about employee Internet use and productivity, and accurately predict future bandwidth needs.


HullSoft’s Reporting Services creates dynamic, real-time and historical network summaries, providing a flexible, 360º view of network events and activities. Reports are based on "syslog" data streams received from your SonicWALL appliance through the wired LAN, wireless LAN, WAN or VPN tunnel to HullSoft’s Global Systems Management Server. With HullSoft’s Reporting Services, your organization can generate individual or aggregate reports about virtually any aspect of appliance activity, including individual user or group usage patterns, events on specific appliances or groups of appliances, types and times of attacks, resource consumption and constraints, and more. An integral part of any deployment, HullSoft’s Reporting delivers the comprehensive view of network and firewall activities your organization needs to enhance security and manage critical resources today and tomorrow.


Free Evaluation

Whether you require stand-alone network and server solutions or want to bundle IT services into a comprehensive Managed IT Services engagement, call HullSoft Enterprises at (916) 983-7007.

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