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E-mail Security and Spam Fighting Tools


Productivity is very important in today’s businesses and wasting time swimming through SPAM is not only un-productive, but costs companies thousands of dollars each and every year.  HullSoft can evaluate your infrastructure and provide a solution to help you create much more time working your business instead of drowning in e-mails all day long.



GFI provides a server based solution that is installed right on your exchange server for deployment to fight spam and monitor white lists for easy administration of your e-mail solution.  HullSoft recommends GFI for companies that only have 1-10 users as it is cost effective and has a good engine.  These are some of the top features of GFI Mail Essentials…

Support for Unicode

SpamRazerTM: an additional anti-spam engine boosting capture rate

Automatic whitelist management to reduce false positives

Multiple anti-spam technologies including Bayesian and IP filtering

Eliminates hard to catch NDR, MSNBC and CNN spam

Precise real-time dashboard


Sonicwall E-Mail Security

If your exchange box is not powerful enough to handle all the spam or you have more than 10 users, HullSoft recommends a Sonicwall e-mail security box to take the load off of your exchange server.  Fight spam before it hits your company server.


Stopping spam, phishing and virus-laden e-mail from reaching your Inbox is what matters most. Vendors may claim 98-100% effectiveness, but to be truly effective, a solution needs fast performance, immediate updates, thorough analysis by applying multiple techniques, and the flexibility to adjust to the unique needs of an organization and its people


Sonicwall allows each and every user in your organization to log onto the device to see their own spam Junk mail and only if allowed by your decision, be able to un-junk a message.  Very customizable and configured to your needs, this device will relieve your exchange server to drop at least 50% of its resource load.


Free Evaluation

Whether you require stand-alone network and server solutions or want to bundle IT services into a comprehensive Managed IT Services engagement, call HullSoft Enterprises at (916) 983-7007.

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