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History of HullSoft Enterprises



HullSoft Enterprises has been in business since March of 1983. Starting with a Cramenco and later with an IBM PC, Milt Hull started his business with the idea of working with a Lathe and taught himself to program.† Involved with a local user group, The Sacramento PC Users Group, Milt became known as the most technical person on the team.† Writing articles and teaching classes, many people thought he lived, breathed, and slept with computers.† After a while, he landed a job with AeroJet as a consultant and from that point on, HullSoft Enterprises has been in business.


User Group Outreach

Milt had ties with Microsoft and was a member of the User Group Mindshare Team.† Being asked to come to Microsoft in the first Mindshare meeting up in Redmond, WA in the fall of 1987, he was one of the first forty people that made suggestions to Microsoft about their Disk Operating System.† Microsoft listened to user groups at that time and soon we saw changes that the developers made because of our suggestions.† They were small but we did make a difference in the industry.† Bill would attend those first meetings for several years.


U.C. Davis

While working for the University of California, Davis Medical Center, and Microsoft asked Milt to be in the beta program and Milt deployed one of the first Windows NT Servers in the Sacramento area.† It was better than Windows for Workgroups or Windows LAN Manager.† We have come a long way since then but those times were fun.


Leaving the University

Because of the Medical Centerís hard times, Milt left the University which allowed him to work HullSoft Enterprises into a full career.† Since December of 1999, HullSoft went from a part time company to a full time, 24/7 business.


Beyond Technology

Throughout the years working with clients, HullSoft Enterprises has past all those early years and not deploys Storage Area Networks with VMWare and Virtual machines in 90% of itís clients.† Utilizing the latest versions of Exchange with Active-Directory, HullSoft has the experience to get your company updated to the latest and greatest Technology.


Free Evaluation

Whether you require stand-alone network and server solutions or want to bundle IT services into a comprehensive Managed IT Services engagement, call HullSoft Enterprises at (916) 983-7007.


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