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Data Backup and Recovery


Protecting your data is the most important issue in all businesses.  Redundant data is very important as devices fail all the time and you do not want to be left with your data corrupted and your business shut down.


Old Technology

It used to be a tape solution, as it was very easy to pop a new tape in every day while you took one offsite.  However, tapes are mechanical and magnetic.  Mechanical devices fail very easily and magnetic tapes can lose their strength over time.  If you do have a tape solution, when was the last time you changed the tape out?  They go bad after about a year.  Better yet, try a restore from any of your tapes.  A backup solution is only good if you can do a restore from your solution.



HullSoft Enterprises supports Sonicwall Continuous Data Protect devices, or CDP’s.  Sonicwall CDP’s offer a continuous backup of all your data including Server, workstation, and Laptop files.  This seamless and easy to restore solution can be deployed anywhere within your organization as it just connects to your LAN switch.  You can even hide the device so in case of a robbery, you will have a current backup. 


A CDP delivers an automatic, transparent backup that ensures data, applications and systems are reliably protected from common user error, hardware failure, deletion, potential disaster and malicious attack. An ideal replacement for tape-based systems, CDP solutions provides foolproof, intuitive continual protection.  It will keep an original copy and the last fourteen copies of every file.  So if you make a mistake on a file in the afternoon, you can restore the previous version that was saved in the morning session.  If you relied on tape, you would only have last night’s backup.  Plus, instant restore is not available on tape, as it has to rewind and find the file you are looking for which takes time.



HullSoft also deploys an offsite solution whether you have a CDP or not.  HullSoft’s multiple Terabyte servers offer encrypted protection of your data in a Network Operations Center that is up 24/7/365 to guard your data against lost or corrupted files.


If you do have a CDP, there are several solutions HullSoft can offer you.  A redundant colo-mirror of your data can be easily deployed with your CDP today.



The most important data is your accounting data.  If you are unprotected now, please call HullSoft and have one of our techs come out and evaluate a solution for you now.


Free Evaluation

Whether you require stand-alone network and server solutions or want to bundle IT services into a comprehensive Managed IT Services engagement, call HullSoft Enterprises at (916) 983-7007.


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